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The Dozzy Couture brand in 2016

Hello friends!

We hope this February has started off on a great note for you?

Here at Dozzy Couture, its bliss, fatigue, work, bursting out of creativity and much more.

Last year 2015, we climbed a lot of heights in the Nigerian fashion world. From our runway showcase at the Runway FADAN 2015 to NTFS- Vogue Edition 2015, then Maiden Ankara Fashion fiesta 2015, Veba ‘Mystic Lines’ fashion show and St Eve Fashion Show – Fashion is Art… To mention a few. There were also television and newspaper interviews of our CEO Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne  and international online feature of the Dozzy Couture brand.

We are beyond elated at the success of last year and look forward to the blessings that this year has to offer.

As usual, we are breaking every known creative barrier to bring about designs that will make your mouth water. It is not about stepping on an industrial machine and putting needles to fabrics; the creative process is everything. We know that and we do not for one second take it for granted.

You inspire us to make unique and detailed pieces and once again, we beseech you to come on board with us and let us do for you what we’ve been trained and are talented at doing. Let us make clothes that are classy, stylish and unique for you.

The year is still fresh, so make that decision to not let 2016 sweep past without a style change that only Dozzy Couture can give you.


We started this year off in January with our CEO/Creative Director Mr. Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne’s radio interview with Unilag FM 103.5FM where he spoke extensively about the brand Dozzy Couture, the Nigerian fashion industry, The fashion designers association of Nigeria, runway shows and advice for up and coming fashion designers.

As the year unfolds, lots of other events and opportunities are opening us and we will be sure to let you in on it.


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