Osun Osogbo Festival 2015 celebrates the ethnic fashion

By Chinwe Obinwanne

It was in August 2015. It was a feast for eyes hungry for some cultural celebration. It was the annual Osun Osogbo Festival yet again playing host to all lovers of culture from the nation and beyond.

The annual Osun Osogbo festival is one that is rooted in instructive history. It re-enacts the historical narratives that commemorate the founding of Osogbo sometime before the sixteenth century. It is a touching history that teaches the human mind the core virtues of genuine kindness, unfailing love and affective tolerance.

But hey, enough about the history and down to the fun part. The part that concerns fashion lovers.

So this year, the Osun Osogbo festival in collaboration with Osun state council for arts and culture celebrated and recognized fashion in Nigeria the ethnic way with the ‘Ethnic fashion show and awards night’.

Dozzy Couture was one of the fashion brands to exhibit his ethnic fashion sense through his collection under the umbrella of The Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN). Alongside other designers like La Penza Couture, Prolific Couture; Dozzy Couture showed the stuff Nigerian fashion is made of using the locally hand-made Adire fabric to design a collection that appealed to the downright traditional man.

Some of those who received the outstanding achievement award at this fashion show were: Mrs. Funmi Ajila Ladipo (Current FADAN President), Mr. Lexy Mojo Eyes (Founder of The African Fashion Reception) and Chief (Mrs) Nike Okundaye (Managing Director/CEO of Nike Center for Art and Culture) amongst others.

This fashion show and indeed many others that the country sees annually go a long way in promoting the African heritage through the many talented designs of the creative fashion designers Nigeria boasts of.

Here are some pictures of Dozzy Couture Designs on the runway and some other images.

model wearing Dozzy Couture

model wearing Dozzy Couture

Modelo wearing Dozzy Couture

Modelo wearing Dozzy Couture


Outstanding achievement awardees

Outstanding achievement awardees

PHOTO CREDIT: Oracle Productionz

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