‘F-ART-SHION’ SHOW: Another fashion and art exhibition for emerging talents

By Chinwe Obinwanne


Emerging and established fashion designers are in for a treat this season as platforms are springing up all around to give them the opportunity to show they stuff they are good at.

No one has something great and hides it; instead you show it for the entire world to see, appreciate and be a part of.

The Independence ‘F-ART-SHION’ SHOW with theme “Made in Nigeria meets Made for Nigeria” which is set to hold from September 28. 2015 through October 1, 2015 is targeted first and foremost at emerging made in Nigeria fashion brands/artists and then secondarily at already established brands.

Organizers of this event The Trillionbucks Company seek to, through this four-day event, provide a platform for the works of these talented individuals to be showcased to the general public with an artistic twist/flavor.

At the top of the list for this event are: seeking out emerging talents in fashion and arts and giving them room to showcase their works and reap the rewards that come thereafter; celebrating brands that have set the standard for the fashion that Nigeria now boasts of and finally, a tour of the host city Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

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