Dozzy Couture CEO inaugurated as FADAN Exco

Members of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) had last month in Lagos , voted a set of new executive officers to manage the affairs of the body for the next three years.

Among those deemed fit to run the show is Dozzy Couture’s CEO/Fashion designer Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne who currently holds the post of  Assistant National Publicity Secretary of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN).

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FADAN celebrates patron Sen. Ita-Giwa at 70

The fashion world is not playing this 2016. All hands are presently on deck sewing, designing and planning out a storm to make the year one that is filled with loads of fun-filled fashion events.

The Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria ( FADAN) in the spirit of appreciation, celebrated their patron Senator Florence Ita-Giwa as she turned 70 on February 13, 2016, at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos. The event would be incomplete without a display of fashionable pieces by talented fashion designers and members of the association.

Dozzy Couture and Kola Kuddus showcased their designs for the men while designers like Maufechi, Graces Hats, Ade Bakare, Araewa and a host of others equally had models strut their designs on the stage.

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dozzy couture logo worked

The Dozzy Couture brand in 2016

Hello friends!

We hope this February has started off on a great note for you?

Here at Dozzy Couture, its bliss, fatigue, work, bursting out of creativity and much more.

Last year 2015, we climbed a lot of heights in the Nigerian fashion world. From our runway showcase at the Runway FADAN 2015 to NTFS- Vogue Edition 2015, then Maiden Ankara Fashion fiesta 2015, Veba ‘Mystic Lines’ fashion show and St Eve Fashion Show – Fashion is Art… To mention a few. There were also television and newspaper interviews of our CEO Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne  and international online feature of the Dozzy Couture brand.

We are beyond elated at the success of last year and look forward to the blessings that this year has to offer.

As usual, we are breaking every known creative barrier to bring about designs that will make your mouth water. It is not about stepping on an industrial machine and putting needles to fabrics; the creative process is everything. We know that and we do not for one second take it for granted.

You inspire us to make unique and detailed pieces and once again, we beseech you to come on board with us and let us do for you what we’ve been trained and are talented at doing. Let us make clothes that are classy, stylish and unique for you.

The year is still fresh, so make that decision to not let 2016 sweep past without a style change that only Dozzy Couture can give you.

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Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne, CEO/Fashion designer of Dozzy Couture

Dozzy Couture slams again at St. Eve Fashion Show themed ‘Fashion is art’

By Chinwe Obinwanne


The third edition of the St. Eve fashion show themed ‘Fashion is Art, Art is fashion’ organized by St. Eve magazine held on Sunday, November 29, 2015, at the Ballroom of the Eko Hotels and Suites.

It was a sight for fashionable eyes as over fifteen (15) fashion designers showcased creatively designed ensembles. The event which was proudly supported by the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) also had her members wow with beautiful designs.

Some of the designers whose designs held sway were: Dozzy Couture, fashion line of Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne, My beautiful Africa, Yagee, Gravido Fashion, Prolific Couture, Araewa Fashion, Kola Kuddus, Ade Bakare, Mistics and a handful of others.

There were also musical performances by some artistes like Arewa who thrilled the audience intermittently during the show.

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Dozzy Couture CEO/ Fashion Designer strikes a pose with his models

Nigeria Television Fashion Show – Vogue Collection 2015 opens with Dozzy Couture

By Chinwe Obinwanne

Nollywood Worldwide Entertainment on Sunday, July 26, 2015, held yet another show-stopping episode of the Nigerian Television Fashion Show- Vogue collections at Yard 158 Event Centre, Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

The event saw many fashion lovers in attendance to witness the creativity of many Nigerian designers. Fashion Designer Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne opened the show with his male fashion line Dozzy Couture, showcasing handfuls of his admirable and classic designs.

His designs are usually carefully made with absolute attention to making the finishing nothing but just perfect. Interestingly, the MC of the event, MC IceWater who is also a comedian and on-air personality with Traffic Radio 96.1 FM and Eko 89.7 FM wore two of Dozzy Couture designs throughout the show while Galaxy TV’s Collins Talker was styled in a Dozzy Couture design for the same event.

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CEO/Fashion designer of Dozzy Couture, Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne greets the audience at the Veba fashion show

Dozzy Couture stuns at Veba ‘Mystic Lines’ fashion show

By Chinwe Obinwanne

It was an evening of sparkling colors and creative designs at the Veba ‘Mystic Lines’ Fashion show on October 18, 2015, at Havillah house of events Lagos, Nigeria.

The runway was brought alive with creatively designed clothes by various designers using the Veba vibrant fabrics.

Male clothing line Dozzy Couture, the brain-child of Nigeria’s fast rising fashion designer Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne showcased an array of colorful designs to the applause of all present.

Dozzy Couture is known to combine beautiful colors with latest trends to create eye-catching male ensembles.

Dozzy himself sported a stylishly designed native made with the Veba fabric as he greeted the crowd at the event.

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Osun Osogbo Festival 2015 celebrates the ethnic fashion

By Chinwe Obinwanne

It was in August 2015. It was a feast for eyes hungry for some cultural celebration. It was the annual Osun Osogbo Festival yet again playing host to all lovers of culture from the nation and beyond.

The annual Osun Osogbo festival is one that is rooted in instructive history. It re-enacts the historical narratives that commemorate the founding of Osogbo sometime before the sixteenth century. It is a touching history that teaches the human mind the core virtues of genuine kindness, unfailing love and affective tolerance.

But hey, enough about the history and down to the fun part. The part that concerns fashion lovers.

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Dozzy Couture CEO/ Fashion Designer strikes a pose with his models

CHANNELS TV interviews Dozzy Couture

By Chinwe Obinwanne

Persistence, determination and creativity are some of the attributes one has to have to break down the barriers to success.

In light of this knowledge, Dozzy Couture has since inception, consistently pushed forward with designs to clothe African men globally.

A few weeks ago, top Nigerian television station Channels Television paid host to the CEO/Fashion Designer of Dozzy Couture, Dozzy Nnamdi Obinwanne to find out how his love for fashion was born.

In this interview, Dozzy bared his love for fashion and his formative years in the industry.

Watch the interview below.



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glasses copy

5 accessories every man should own

By Chinwe Obinwanne

Sometime ago when men were boys, beaded wristbands and long chains hanging from jeans plus “bandana” sticking out of the back pocket of pants were considered must-have accessories but not anymore. Boys have become men and so their tastes have gone up a notch too.

In choosing accessories, men now consider investing in accessories that do the double job of looking good and standing the test of time.

Nothing screams classy than seeing a man who pays acute attention to details. So that said, here are five accessories that every man that knows his style onions should have in his collection.

1. The Black/Brown Leather Belt

From time immemorial, men have been strapping their clothes to their waists with some form of “belt”. Once upon a time in the olden days, strong branches were strewn together and used to hold the covering for the nether regions. So, belts aren’t a new introduction to fashion but the belts as we know it today as a fashion accessory showed up during the 1920s when waistlines were lowered and so by extension, trousers’ capacity to hold their own became undependable.

Investing in good quality black and brown belts is now a no-brainer for fashionable men due to its ability to match almost any outfit. You can push the edges of fashion by buying other colors of belts but you dare not do away with the two classic belt colors (black and brown).

These colors will easily blend with lots of other hues you have in your wardrobe and soon you’ll come to appreciate owning these two colors when you see how much use they serve you each day.


“Make sure you invest in good leather and a strong metal buckle,” says Adam Walker, founder of The Male Stylist. “Don’t forget, a belt has to go through a lot of strain every day, so spending a little extra cash will mean it lasts you longer.”

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‘F-ART-SHION’ SHOW: Another fashion and art exhibition for emerging talents

By Chinwe Obinwanne


Emerging and established fashion designers are in for a treat this season as platforms are springing up all around to give them the opportunity to show they stuff they are good at.

No one has something great and hides it; instead you show it for the entire world to see, appreciate and be a part of.

The Independence ‘F-ART-SHION’ SHOW with theme “Made in Nigeria meets Made for Nigeria” which is set to hold from September 28. 2015 through October 1, 2015 is targeted first and foremost at emerging made in Nigeria fashion brands/artists and then secondarily at already established brands.

Organizers of this event The Trillionbucks Company seek to, through this four-day event, provide a platform for the works of these talented individuals to be showcased to the general public with an artistic twist/flavor.

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