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5 accessories every man should own

By Chinwe Obinwanne

Sometime ago when men were boys, beaded wristbands and long chains hanging from jeans plus “bandana” sticking out of the back pocket of pants were considered must-have accessories but not anymore. Boys have become men and so their tastes have gone up a notch too.

In choosing accessories, men now consider investing in accessories that do the double job of looking good and standing the test of time.

Nothing screams classy than seeing a man who pays acute attention to details. So that said, here are five accessories that every man that knows his style onions should have in his collection.

1. The Black/Brown Leather Belt

From time immemorial, men have been strapping their clothes to their waists with some form of “belt”. Once upon a time in the olden days, strong branches were strewn together and used to hold the covering for the nether regions. So, belts aren’t a new introduction to fashion but the belts as we know it today as a fashion accessory showed up during the 1920s when waistlines were lowered and so by extension, trousers’ capacity to hold their own became undependable.

Investing in good quality black and brown belts is now a no-brainer for fashionable men due to its ability to match almost any outfit. You can push the edges of fashion by buying other colors of belts but you dare not do away with the two classic belt colors (black and brown).

These colors will easily blend with lots of other hues you have in your wardrobe and soon you’ll come to appreciate owning these two colors when you see how much use they serve you each day.


“Make sure you invest in good leather and a strong metal buckle,” says Adam Walker, founder of The Male Stylist. “Don’t forget, a belt has to go through a lot of strain every day, so spending a little extra cash will mean it lasts you longer.”

2. The Leather Weekender

Call it weekender, call it man-bag, they are one and the same. Away with those backpacks you strap on when you want to make short trips and in strolls the weekender.

They are practical, versatile and can come in handy for short trips if you either travel for work or for pleasure. Even if it’s for a one day get-away, you gotta have one of these.

“Both stylish and durable, a weekend bag makes the ideal alternative to a suitcase or backpack,” says James Welsh, ASOS Menswear Personal Stylist. “You’ll want one that’s around hand luggage size, so that it can hold all of your clothing and grooming essentials.”

“As your bag is likely to get a bit bashed around on your weekend adventures, a sturdy leather design will withstand lots of wear and tear as well as add a timeless and classic feel to your look,” adds Welch.


As for color, you may want to narrow it down to neutral hues for more versatility. Tan, brown and black are shades that work with any look; while grey and navy hues are more modern picks that still stand the time test.

3. Classic Sunglasses

Raise your hands if you don’t own a pair of sunglasses. If your hands are raised, then smack yourself at the back of your head with it. What the heck are you thinking calling yourself fashionable without one?

Yes, admittedly choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be a really unnerving task but hey, no pain no gain right?

So, try out several different designs in front of a mirror to find the one that fits perfectly keeping in mind your facial structure.

Sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, so it is necessary that you keep that in mind when purchasing one but also bring the stylish you to play while taking your pick.

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4. Plain Cotton Socks

Trust me, a pair of well-thought out socks may be the least of your clothing worries but they have the capability to make or mar your outfit.

“For those moments when you don’t want to look like your mum’s still in charge of your wardrobe, neutral cotton socks are essential,” says James Welch.

While vibrantly patterned socks in screaming colors seem to be in vogue at the moment, the good old classic cotton socks are still an essential.


5. The Leather wallet

 Owning a wallet should be a “need” for every man and not a “want”. You want to invest in a preferably high quality leather wallet to pack up those loose change and cards that would otherwise lead to clutter in your pocket or bag.

It is also very important not to overfill your wallet so as to avoid stretching and eventual tears.

Colors you can go for are black and brown but depending on your preference, oxblood, navy and grey may just do it for you too.

As a rule, your wallet should be able to fit into your front pocket, inside breast pocket, hip pocket or back trouser pocket without changing the shape of the clothes. If it can’t fit without an obvious bulge, then it’s not the one for you.



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